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Job Seeker

Q) How will Unity IT help me in getting a job?
The whole programme is oriented towards making you employable. A variety of recruitment activities are conducted to ensure you get enough opportunities. We prepare you to be in position to choose a job and company of your choice.

Q) I am not so good at programming…how I can learn all this?
The best thing about the programme is that it does not assume any prior knowledge. Till you have an attitude to learn, we are more than happy to build you from the fundamentals to most advanced concepts.

Q) I already know lot of things covered in the programme like SDLC, Programming language… why should I go thru the process all over again?
We are sure you will discover for yourself the difference between learning all these topics from your academics versus the Industry needed orientation.

Q) I think it is better to do internship at a software company!
It sounds strange to point out. However, the fact remains that the s/w organizations have their own agenda and task completion to cope with, rather than spare time for student guidance. At your level of exposure, a great amount of training and hand-holding is needed which is too demanding for a company where the primary agenda is software development. Besides, you will build a piece-meal solution, contrast this with UnityIT programme which has been specially designed to give you an end-to-end application development opportunity.

Q) I also have to attend college, can I have a customized schedule? Will my application be completed on time?
We actually keep track of your timings and the Unity IT schedule is made flexible and customized accordingly.

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